Foxynite Gameplay Video

Lewd website and game portal has just released a new free to play action role playing game in the form of Foxynite which as you might expect features some adult content buried beneath its sugar coated exterior. Take a look at our Foxynite gameplay video to get an idea of the starting tutorial and basic gameplay. On the surface there is actually quite a cool looking Android or browser based game here which for those familiar with games such as Sacred Sword will know the routine. Players can choose from three starting characters (One male and two females) with a few customisation options on the table, and then add support drones to spice things up. The game can be played in two ways, one with manual input or the other fully automated where your character’s stats will determine whether you will beat the campaign missions, side missions or daily tasks. There is quite a bit to strive for but let’s not beat around the bush, there are elements where paying real money might make the daily grind a little easier/faster. That said, with the starting tutorial offering a decent glimpse into what you can expect further into the game there is enough here to draw you in. As far as the adult stuff is concerned, there are some scenes you can play and unlock at leisure but can actually ignore if you so choose.

Written by: Robert Cram

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