Forza 6 Apex Vs Project CARS Comparison – Which is Better?

Two giants of sim racing are put head to head in this Forza 6 Apex Vs Project CARS comparison video which shows strengths and weaknesses in both camps. Slightly Mad Studios’ Project CARS boasts superior race customization options and appears to have much better atmosphere compared to the ultra clean lines of Forza Motorsport 6 Apex. There are a few takeaways from the video which have to be pointed out and that’s from the opening scene you’ll spot Project CARS’ dynamic weather system versus Forza’s pre-baked look. You will also notice Project CARS has more trackside details in some instances. On the flip side, Forza 6 boasts superior reflections and asphalt detail and its rain effect (whilst more distracting and fake looking) provides a more robust wet experience when using the interior view. Both games are highly regarded and although Project CARS’ handling is less arcade like, the overall sim quality and drive of both games is top notch. Either way, check out our comparison and make decide for yourselves which is better.

For information purposes, both games were running at 1080p 60 FPS with Max settings in the options. The same track (Brands Hatch full circuit) was used with similar time of day settings. The vehicle McLaren P1 was used in both games, although Project Cars version is the 2014 edition and Forza Apex 2015 version.

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