Forgive Me Father Gameplay 4K – PC Early Access

Here we take a quick look at Byte Barrel’s retro-themed first person shooter ‘Forgive Me Father’. Take on an assortment of Lovecraftian inspired enemies in this crazy looking FPS. The game plays very well and incorporates a skill system alongside upgrades. It’s pretty easy to get into, but also easy to get surrounded and killed…in the dark. Take a look at our Forgive Me Father gameplay video which showcases the first couple of levels.

The game is available now via Steam, GOG and EGS. Forgive Me Father is a dark retro horror FPS set in a comic book style world inspired by the novels of H.P. Lovecraft. As the only one left with full senses, you begin a journey in search of answers and relief. How long can you last?

The Early Access version debuts with almost half of the content planned for the full release, including one of the first of two playable characters, six weapons, four skills, 15 enemy types, and two bosses spread throughout the 12 levels of the first two Acts of the story. A detailed roadmap is available to all players who want to see what’s planned until the end of the Early Access period.

Written by: Rob Cram

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