Feral Rites VR Game Gets Massive Price Cut

Oculus and Insomniac Games are either pulling a marketing fast one or being uber accommodating towards gamers as they have announced a price cut for their VR roaming fighting game Feral Rites within the first week of it being on sale. The original Price was $49.99 which made it one of the highest priced games on the Oculus Store – regardless of having over 20 hours of gameplay. It has now been dropped to a more reasonable $29.99 but here’s the thing. It’s also Oculus Fall Sale week which means the price is reduced even more to just $9.99 which is just incredible for a new release. As a final good will gesture anyone who purchased the game at the full price this week will get a rebate in the form of the following games:

-AirMech Command
-Damaged Core
-Defense Grid VR
-Edge of Nowhere
-The Climb

That’s a lot of games for the price of just one game and a bold move all the same. If we were to be cynical we’d wager that not many people purchased the game at the full price hence why the offer of the above games isn’t going to break the bank for anyone. Either way, this has certainly raised the profile of Feral Rites (and could be construed as being a marketing act) and if you want to know what we think of the game you can check out our review here.

Written by: News Bot

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