Falling Skies Gameplay walkthrough video

Torus Games released a new gameplay video for their turn based strategy game, Falling Skies which is coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 17th. The video takes a closer look at the character classes on offer with commentary from the game’s producer offering much insight.



About Falling Skies:


After the destruction of the Espheni’s Boston Tower in the last season of TNT’s hit show Falling Skies, the 2nd Mass stumbles onto the wreckage of an ambushed convoy. Among the survivors is an engineer who claims he can create a destructive weapon that will aid in the human resistance against the Esphani invaders, but it will require them to undertake several risky operations to collect all the components he needs. What sounds at first to be a simple salvage mission becomes more than the team has bargained for… the aliens are everywhere.

Help the original cast of TNT’s hit post-apocalyptic science-fiction drama Falling Skies in their resistance against the Esphani invaders. Little Orbit, Torus Games, and TNT have teamed up to present Falling Skies: The Game–a tactical strategy RPG set between the epic events of the show’s third and fourth seasons. Play through an open-ended series of side missions to collect resources and build new weapons for your squad. Equip your squad with the best gear to head the human resistance and assist TV characters such as Tom and Ben Mason, John Pope, Maggie and Anthony in this thrilling untold chapter of the war for humanity’s survival!


Fight alongside the human resistance to help defeat the alien invasion!
Action packed, never before seen story that follows the timeline of the TV Series!
Characters are voiced by the original Falling Skies TV cast!
Map randomization and dynamic AI give players a fresh challenge to conquer in every mission!
A never ending chain of side missions allows for near limitless gameplay!
Earn supplies to enhance your squad’s combat potential.

Expand your squad to command up to 6 units while in combat!


Written by: Rob Cram

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