Evolutis Duality – Official Story Trailer

Poke Life Studios presents Evolutis: Duality, is a cyberpunk themed action-adventure game. We played the demo some years ago, and are happy to see it progressed a lot since then. Wishlist now on Steam.


Evolutis: Duality is a 2D story-driven-action-adventure game inspired by ’80s Anime. You take control of Chelsea Williams, a professional fighter in Fenghai, who is desperate to support her ailing father. Corruption and criminal groups seek to leverage her talents, and the player is faced with tough choices across a tale of deception and mystery.


  • Cutting edge 2D story-driven action game inspired by ’80s anime-realism and set in Fenghai, where the city never sleeps.
  • Discover the mystery of Fenghai through an immersive and dramatic storyline.
  • Engage in futuristic combat with a great variety of skill, and experience the world and story with immersive controls.
  • Deal with corruption and crime from local gangs and forces, or just relax in Chelsea’s apartment. Just try to stay alive!

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