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Michael Todd Games brings his PC indie game Electronic Super Joy to Xbox One complete with extras, bonuses and lots of platforming action. It’s a simple looking game that seamlessly blends surreal visuals, comedy, funky music with hardcore jumping about the screen. It has to be said, it’s not an easy game and certainly not one for those who lack patience. That said, the way the game is designed means although death and restarting are par de la corse it’s instant how you can jump back in and try, try again until your fingers blister or bleed which ever comes first.

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There’s not so much to describe about Electronic Super Joy simply because it’s self explanatory. You jump, you move, you avoid, you die you try again across multiple stages and worlds. It’s got a neat hook which keeps you coming back for more but in some players they might not be so tenacious and give up too soon. It’s got a Marmite like appeal to it.

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The flashy visuals and pumping dance soundtrack work hand in hand with each other as you move across each stage, it’s certainly a driving force behind moving forwards. If you dig, then you’ll have no beef with the insane difficulty which doesn’t make itself known early on. Precision is key here and if you’ve got it sussed then there’s relief and self-congratulations as you beat each area.

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One caveat, is the audio when you hit a checkpoint or fall to your demise, hit a laser, or get splattered by a missile (yes there are 101 ways to die here). In these instances the game opts for a sexual sounding female or male sound effect. Whilst it fits with the electronica sound track some people might wonder what you’re doing if they can’t see the game in action. In other words you could be mistakenly accused of watching porn – unless of course you’re super hot and don’t die often.

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Electronic Super Joy offers hours of entertainment, frustration and kicking beats in equal measure and for the privilege you’re asked to part with £8 which frankly is a little steep considering the game can be snagged for £1 in the Steam sale (normally priced at £5). If you’re a platform addict who likes something a bit different, edgy even, then this is a not bad investment and worth checking out. If simple looks don’t do it for you and or patience isn’t your forte then this won’t win you over either. It’s very much a take it or leave it game, but if you do decide to indulge, you’ll find an addictive time sink that will have you cussing the screen and feeling elated when you succeed and for some those sexual sounds might just be the icing on the cake.

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Written by: Rob Cram

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