Dying Light Gameplay – Opening moments PC Max Settings GTX 970

We posted a video of Techland’s just released survival game which shows off the Dying Light gameplay from the opening moments of the game’s rather cool outbreak story. We’ve used the PC version utilizing the maximum settings at 1080p which as you can see runs fairly steady at around 60 frames per second in the tutorial section. However, things begin to dip somewhat, although rarely below 30 frames per second once players are unleashed to the outside world. The numbers at the top left of the screen indicate the frame rate, GPU temperature and fan speed (highlighting GPU load). Naturally there are some tweaks that can be made to boost performance, but we’ve left it as standard so users can see how the game performs using an i5 3570K CPU, MSI GTX 970 GPU (not over clocked) and 8 Gb of RAM.

Written by: Robert Cram

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