Driveclub vs Forza Motorsport 6 – Is DriveClub Still King of the Wet Weather Effects?

Evolution Studios Driveclub on the PS4 has cemented itself as one of the most realistic looking racing games when it comes to simulating rain and wet weather effects putting its rivals to shame quite easily. However, Turn 10 have upped their game with the arrival of Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One which now includes its own take on rainy conditions. So we’ve pitted the two games against each other head-to-head in our Driveclub vs Forza Motorsport 6 video and ask the question: Is Driveclub still the king of wet weather effects?

Looking at the direct feed footage and it’s close, to the point where in terms of gameplay both have their own pros and cons. Forza Motorsport 6 is offering a pleasant 60 frames per second against Driveclub’s 30 fps which for some puts it at an advantage. It’s also boasting a higher number of opponents. However, Driveclub’s focus on authenticity and general atmosphere can’t be sniffed at and is the reason why we’re here. Either way, take a look at the comparison video and decide for yourselves.

Written by: Rob Cram

Rob Cram has hundreds of video game reviews, thousands of articles under his belt with years of experience in gaming and tech. He aims to remain fair and free from publisher/developer influence. With his extensive knowledge, feels his gaming opinions are valid and worth sharing. Agreement with his views are entirely optional. He might have a bias towards cyberpunk.

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  1. Guest August 8, 2015 |

    Nope, effects sure, but certainly not the physics of it.
    Half the cars and especially half the framerate of Forza make it vastly inferior as a game.

    • uniexuniverse August 8, 2015 |

      Quality (DC) > Quantity (Forza6) in terms of visuals and car list. DC is sim arcade so physics is balanced to be arcade but not simulation but driving experience is still great in DC. Forza is preferred if you want simulation and DC is for pleasant and beautiful experience close to realistic visuals.

      • Guest August 8, 2015 |

        Except DC isn’t quality other than its weather effects.
        Even as an arcade racer, DC is crap, so nice try.

        • uniexuniverse August 8, 2015 |

          Thats why DC sold 2+ million copies ? Quality is subjective thing in DC so it changes according to what you expect but DC is a one of the best racers that do only pure racing with realstic visuals with dynamic weather, day/night, lighting, volumetric clouds that move etc., which is not possible in Forza with baked weather, lighting etc., DC looks bad sometimes i agree but thats because of dynamic lighting just like how in real life some places can be ugly in some weather and lighting.

          • Guest August 8, 2015 |

            Sales don’t mean quality, that’s desperate shill speak and sometimes? DC doesn’t look great most of the time, that’s why I just lol at the realistic visuals claim. In motion it looks decent but that’s all and the weather effects only obscure that mediocrity which is very clear on a sunny day.

          • uniexuniverse August 8, 2015 |

            Sometimes Sales = Quality too, because users are buying this game because of quality like graphics, gameplay etc., but not as hyped and high reviewed game. Also you are using a compressed image as proof to show this game does not look most of the time. I’m done and wont be answering you anymore and be it a you think as i dont care the only reason i wanted to answer because DC game does better at something compared to others and did sell well due to that reason.

          • Guest August 8, 2015 |

            No “sometimes” is moving the goal post to fit a shill agenda and IDGAF about!
            It’s not a complete piece of sh*t but it’s definitely a mediocre game with the only thing doing better than some competing games is its weather effects.

          • Barry Harden August 8, 2015 |

            Sometimes Guest you need to stop sucking on Micro$oft’s phallus. Come up for air and realize the games on XBone won’t ever look as detailed as the PS4 counterparts.

          • Guest August 8, 2015 |

            I don’t even have an Xbox One, maybe you need to realize what a dumb brainwashed Sony fanboy you are. A typical “pauper” as I see so many call it these days.

          • Barry Harden August 9, 2015 |

            For someone that spends an awful lot of time putting down Sony, I find that hard to believe.

            You’re obviously a Micro$oft Dickryder.

          • Guest August 9, 2015 |

            Speaking as a woman, I’d rather be a wealthy MS dick rider (you can’t even spell properly that’s how stupid you are), than have Kaz’s poverty stricken Jap micropenis in my pussy, BITCH! And putting down DC isn’t putting down Sony, but clearly you can’t see the difference because you’re a freaking shill.

          • Barry Harden August 10, 2015 |

            LOL! Now you’re so mad that you’re spouting nonsense! It’s quite clear you’re an XBone owner that’s agonizing over have a weaker console! You’re such a loyal M$ DickRyder that you don’t even care they cut corners and gave you a console with cheaper parts. Now you have to live with the consequences!!

          • Guest August 10, 2015 |

            Sure it does blind schmuck. Continue being the loser that has the shinier turd when I’ll enjoy my PC. You Sony “paupers” are truly the dumbest fucks on the planet. FUCK YOU!

  2. jacksjus August 8, 2015 |

    DC visually is just ahead of it’s time. Evolution simply nailed it in the graphics.

    • Barry Harden August 8, 2015 |

      But at what cost? Forza 6 lacks so much detail I might as well be playing last gen racing games. Get used to it as Micro$oft marketing is trying to push developers in producing 1080p/60fps at ANY COST. This usually mean dialing back the graphical details.

      • Cenk Algu August 8, 2015 |

        This ignorant Sony boy is everywhere. FMS6 putting DC in to shame. 1080p/60fps a real SIM but still blowing DC out of the water with its visuals. Comparing Forza with DC is a big insult for it and deal with it.

        • behave yourself….. Lets be honest DC looks a lot more realistic than Forza 6, Forza may be the prettier of the two games but DC certainly looks the more realistic, however Forza seems to offer a lot more than DC does, so in the end the decision is based on what you want in a game, however just based on looks, DC graphically from a realistic point of view is still unparalleled.

          • andy August 9, 2015 |

            He doesn’t need to explain anything to us. It just “blows it out of the water”, enough said. We just have to take his word for it. 🙂

          • Cenk Algu August 9, 2015 |

            Last Gen game DC bs true next Gen game FMS6. Consolation is big with you.

        • Barry Harden August 14, 2015 |

          You haven’t taken a close look at the Forza 6 demo and DC? There is MUCH more missing in Forza 6. It all adds up.

  3. Soda Popinski August 8, 2015 |

    I can (kind of) begin to understand calling the graphics this pre-maturely because we’re seeing them in (heavily compressed – not entirely accurate) youtube videos, etc. But I certainly cannot understand people in these comments calling the physics and controls being that Forza 6 isn’t even out yet.

  4. Forza and DC are different games, Although graphically DC is clearly more realistic, the overall quality of the games cant be compared Forza clearly will destroy whatever DC has, and this is coming from a MAJOR DC fan lol

    • Zarbor August 9, 2015 |

      Only idiots who don’t under simulation vs arcade and gameplay vs graphics will make these kind of stupid comparisons. If you want to compare realism do us all a favor a tell the idiot that made this article, DC gameplay is sooo far from realism that the graphics doesn’t fit.

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