Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z demo gameplay video

Namco Bandai Games released two new Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z gameplay videos which take a look at what’s available in the demo which hits Xbox Live and the PSN from tomorrow. What’s interesting about the demo is that some features will carry over to the full game.

The demo includes*:

Single Player Missions

-4 Missions: from 01 to 04

-4 Characters: Goku, Kid Gohan, Krillin and Piccolo.

Multiplayer Modes

-Mission 04 – The Fearsome Saiyan!

-Co-op Mode, Battle Mode.

-Play with other demo users

By playing the demo, players will be able to transfer some of their data to the full game after its release:

· The DP (Dragon Points) and PP (Premium Points) obtained

· Mission progress

· Characters

· All obtained cards

· All player log data

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