DOOM Eternal Gameplay Preview Video

Bethesda’s DOOM Eternal looks set to take gamers to the next level of visceral combat when it releases on March 20th on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch and Stadia. All bases covered then. The game comes as a direct sequel to the 2016 game DOOM and sees players return to Earth for some more demon-busting first person madness. Take a look at the DOOM Eternal gameplay preview video for the full lowdown.

That’s correct, Earth has a new demon invasion which means it’s your job to clean-up the mess and in the process learn about your origins as the faithful demon-slayer. Over half of Earth is consumed by the demon presence with the remaining civilians housed in safe areas cut-off from any communications. The military presence has been effective but not enough to deal with the threat entirely. So that’s where you come in to maim, kill and hunt-down the commanding Hell Priests and thwart their efforts.

The slayer returns to Exultia Foresaken City. It’s here where a device to locate the Hell Priests is found. Once acquired, Slayer returns to Earth and begins the search. One such location is the cultist arctic base.

So what can we expect from the game. Well as you can see in the gameplay video the core essence remains largely unchanged. It’s Id’s neat blending of exploration and hardcore shooting that makes the game a joy-to-play under a number of difficulty settings. However, the Slayer’s advanced Praetor Suit affords some new actions including clinging to surfaces and firing off a shoulder-mounted Flame Belch, Ice Bombs, and the visceral new melee attack the Blood Punch. The game also features various upgradable weapons mods which pack more of punch against every increasing difficult opponents.

Opposition comes thick and fast with some new flavours to add to the assortment of familiar rogues including: The aerial based Gargoyle which attack in groups to chip away your health. The Carcass adds a defensive shield for its fighters making them harder to kill. According to Bethesda, twice as many demons await your justice compared to DOOM 2016. So don’t expect the enemy to let-up as you plough through them.

What’s interesting about the new attacks and weapons is their relation with drops. So for example, the blood punch meter fills with glory kills adding more devastating attack. The chainsaw rips open enemies which in turn drops ammo. The flame belch engulfs enemies in fire as you would expect which drops armour shards. You get the picture. This means a little tactical thinking keeps you fully charged as you dish-out punishment.

We’re really excited to play DOOM Eternal in March. Sure, it had a delay, but id will hopefully have used the extra time to polish the game to make it the best experience they can. As they slay, all good things come to those who wait. As mentioned, DOOM Eternal ships on consoles and PC on March 20th.

Written by: Robert Cram

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