DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition – Announcement Trailer

Capcom posted a DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition announcement Trailer to whet the appetites of those not familiar with the last gen and PC version which released in 2013. Now gamers on Xbox One and PS4 can enjoy the madness and decide for themselves whether the more trendy character and gameplay changes affects the game. However, developers Ninja Theory has tweaked the definitive edition which features some new content as well as remixed gameplay when it releases on March 17th.

Key Features:

-Rebalanced, repolished gameplay – With nearly two years of user feedback, Ninja Theory and Capcom have made the gameplay tighter than ever, with bug fixes, rebalanced combat elements and enemy behavior, tweaks to the Style system, and even new gameplay settings such as a manual lock-on.

-All DLC from the last-gen version – Includes weapons, skins, items, and of course, the entire “Vergil’s Downfall” campaign.

-Vergil’s Bloody Palace – Vergil now gets his own set of sixty waves of fast-paced stylish action in this perennial favorite mode.

-Turbo Mode – Another series tradition, this mode speeds up all gameplay by 20%, for faster, more stylish combat than before.

-Hardcore Mode – This toggle-able setting offers a classic, hardcore challenge, affecting various aspects of the game such as Devil Trigger, AI, and the Style system.

-Gods Must Die difficulty level – Offering an insane challenge, this mode causes all enemies to deal 2.5x the usual damage, and spawn with Devil Trigger active. Plus: no items allowed!

-Must Style mode – This mode requires that players achieve an S style rank or higher in order to deal damage to enemies.

-New costumes celebrating the Devil May Cry legacy.

-And more!

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