Destiny Xur Agent of the Nine Location & Items video – Week 6 October 17th 2014

The mysterious trader of rare items returns for another week as we search the Tower to find what he has for sale. Take a look at our Destiny Xur Agent of the Nine location video for week 6 which not only shows how to find him, but what he’s selling for the weekend ahead. We also look at the details of the items for sale to see if they are worthwhile for your current character. Make note that he appears at 10 am BST on Friday (normally 9am GMT) for UK gamers.


For quick reference here are this week’s items.

The Armamentarium chest armour Titan Class – 13 coins

Achlyophage Symbiote Helmet 13 coins

Light Beyond Nemesis Helm Warlock Class 13 coins

Truth Rocket Launcher 17 coins

You can view last week’s items in the video below.

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