Destiny Ending sequence fails to inspire

Destiny is a cracking game in a number of ways but is severely let down by its story telling aspects which feel somewhat muted compared to the rest of the game. If we consider the epic nature and cinematic quality of Bungie’s Halo games, there’s really no comparison here. So, after killing hundreds of aliens across a number of planets, and reaching level 19 in the process, the ending sequence came as no surprise and suggests the fight is far from over. And, rightly so as there’s more adventuring to do post game as in returning to areas already trodden and searching for elusive weapons and armour. However, after the massive build up, the climax and then the finale, the ending felt less of an epic fanfare of our achievements and more a whimper of acknowledgement that we saved the day for now. Take a look at the Destiny ending sequence which we’d normally mark as a spoiler, but in this case it’s so brief and expected that it’s unlikely to impact your playing.


Written by: Rob Cram

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