Deadstone Gameplay video – Action, tactics and the infected

Deadstone from Timeslip Softworks just released and offers a top down action focused tactical tower defence style game that’s worth checking out. Filled with hordes of the infected, players must shoot or die trying as they protect surviving colonists on planet Mars. The game is being offered at a very reasonable £6.99 and has quite a bit of depth compared to straight up shooters. Take a look at our Deadstone gameplay preview for the full picture, then head on over to Steam and give a helping hand to  get the game Greenlit, as it certainly deserves it. You can also find out more about the game over at the official website.

About Deadstone:

Deadstone, the first game by Timeslip Softworks, is a compelling blend of fast paced 2D combat and tower defense, backed by elements of resource management and an in-depth character development system.

Assume the role of Blake, a private security operative fleeing the Icarus space station after a bacterial outbreak transforms the station’s occupants into homicidal monsters. After crash landing on the surface of Mars, close to the mining colony of Deadstone, Blake quickly discovers that his part in the conflict is far from over.

Every time an infected gets past you, a colonist dies. Do you have what it takes to stop them? Fight toe to toe with hordes of infected monsters through 50 levels of pitched fire fights. Develop the perfect strategy to hold back the tide, through clever placement of defensive hardware, equipment selection, and resource management. Build the perfect fighter to complement your strategy, developing 4 primary stats: Speed, Constitution, Accuracy, Mechanics, and choosing from over 40 game changing perks.

Written by: Robert Cram

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