Dead Or Alive 5 PC Sexy 3D Gameplay – A Bonus Not Available on Consoles

Ever since Tecmo revealed the details of their revised version of Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round on PC which omitted the “Soft Engine” and used PS3 effects instead of the more recent PS4 and Xbox One features, PC gamers were up in arms and complained. Now the game is out in the wild and it’s clear the bonus of anti-aliasing, increased shadow detail alongside resolutions of up to 4K are welcome improvements over the console versions. However, there’s another less publicized feature console gamers will never get to experience and that’s the option to play the game in 3D. Whilst the 3D fad is perhaps not for everyone, less pronounced these days and could very soon be replaced by VR, there are still a number of users who own 3D TV sets or monitors, and what Dead Or Alive 5 on the PC demonstrates is how well the PC can be adapted to accommodate such features regardless of whether they are included as an option by the developers. In this instance AMD users can boot up Tridef and enjoy the game in 3D (even though an official profile hasn’t been made yet) and Nvidia users can also tinker with 3D Vision to jump into the 3rd dimension with the game. We’ve recorded some footage using our own custom 3D profile which looks at the female character models up close and personal with the added bonus of the ladies seemingly popping out of the screen. Take a look at the Youtube compressed video, or better yet download the direct feed high quality Dead Or Alive 5 PC sexy 3D gameplay file from the link below. Be warned, some of the imagery in the video might not be considered risqué for the workplace although there is no nudity.


Written by: Robert Cram

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