A lot can be said about the somewhat backwards PC version of Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, what with no online mode out of the gate and some last gen effects being used alongside the absence of the Soft Engine elements which are unique to the Xbox One and PS4 versions. That said, it’s not all doom and gloom as the PC version boasts the option to use high detailed shadows (up to 4K), much needed Anti-Aliasing and resolutions up to 4K. When combined, the results are nothing short of stunning leaving the console versions way behind as expected.

We’ve captured some native 4K screenshots (not using fake downsampling) for your viewing pleasure which have to be seen on a 4K display to get the full effect. Failing that you can still get a decent idea when viewing on standard HD displays. Download the zip file for the complete collection or view the few we’ve uploaded here. Dead Or Alive 5 4K screenshots look fantastic making the wait for the PC version worthwhile, leaving the omitted features from the Xbox One and PS4 version a distant memory in our book. The good news with this game (and quite a number of other games) is that you don’t need a massively expensive GPU to run the game. The popular AMD R9 290x runs the game in 4K as smooth as silk and we’d assume the Nvidia GTX 970 will offer the same performance. The only thing that might cost a bit more is a 4K monitor or TV, although these can be purchased fairly cheaply now. We appreciate not everyone is geared up for 4K gaming, but if you’re serious about game graphics then the investment is very much worthwhile especially as the upgrade from Xbox One and PS4 is quite staggering.













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