Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition Announcement Trailer

Sony/Housemarque released a new trailer for their HD enhanced version of Dead Nation which is heading to the PS4 under the new name of Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition.  If you’re a fan of shooting up hordes of zombies, then this is a game worth checking out after its success on the PS3 what’s more, the game will be joining the list of free games for PS Plus subscribers from the 5th of March.

Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition Announce Trailer

About Dead Nation:

Shoot your way through an overrun city in a desperate attempt to save humanity from extinction. Buy, unlock and upgrade weapons and armour to suit your personal fighting style, and devise cunning tactics to outsmart your rotting enemies.

Road of Devastation:

Then, if you have survived, face the undead one more time while trapped in a deadly experiment. Faced with three paths, you must blast away at the hordes of man-eaters and strange bio-weapons, but beware: the undead can appear from anywhere, at any time.

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