Darksiders 2 Which Version Looks Best? – Xbox 360/PC/PS4/PC Deathinitive Edition

Vigil Games’ original Darksiders 2 released on the Xbox 360/PS3/PC in 2012 and at the time offered some neat visual qualities with its cool as nails lead character Death at the helm. In 2015 Gunfire Games adapted the visuals for today’s audiences with the release of Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition on PS4 and Xbox One which recently also released on the PC. You might wonder if there’s any real differences between the PC original and latest version which is a fair point considering both games run at a silky smooth 60 frames per second and beyond depending on your set-up. If there was any doubt, our Darksiders 2 definitive graphics comparison video clearly shows some major differences between the two versions. We’ve also pitted the original Xbox 360 version and thrown in the PS4 Deathinitive Edition in there as well for contrast. The question remains, which one looks best? It’s a tough call because in some ways each version has a distinct look which isn’t replicated in the other versions. The Xbox original for example has a more darker tone whereas the PC Deathinitive version is much brighter and crisp looking. Perhaps it’s the PS4 version which sits in the middle of the two which comes out on top? Ultimately, it’s possibly a case of personal preference if you ignore the frame rate advantages of the PC versions. Take a look at the video and decide for yourselves.


Written by: Rob Cram

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