Dark Storm Ascension VR Missions Demo – Stealth Action Game

Dark Storm Ascension is a game in development from Fenrir Studios which is looking pretty neat for fans of stealth action gaming and needing support via Kickstarter. Whilst it’s a little rough around the edges at the moment in terms of animations and AI, the game needs a bit of funding to fully realize its potential. What Fenrir already have is a cool VR Missions demo which gives a solid introduction to the core mechanics of the game – which again are in need of improvement but definitely quite workable at this juncture. Take a look at our hands on gameplay video which shows off the basics of what you can expect and perhaps give the demo a try yourself by visiting the Steam page. For more information about the project, head on over to the official website.

About Dark Storm VR Missions:

Dark Storm: VR Missions, developed with UDK is a fully realized project that plays more like a single player game than a modest technical demo of mostly unfinished ideas and gameplay mechanics. Featuring hours of extensive training and combat courses, the VR Missions is fully voice acted, featuring large and challenging levels of progressive difficulties, exciting stealth gameplay, and 10 VR simulations that will test the players’ skills to their limits!
We at Fenrir Studios believe that the Dark Storm: VR Missions are a necessary way to prove to potential backers that we are committed to this project, and are fully aware of our strengths and weaknesses moving forward with our launch title, Dark Storm: Ascension.

Written by: Robert Cram

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