Dark Skinned Lara Croft Spotted in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Much has been discussed about the look of Lara Croft in her latest adventure “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, but we’ve spotted something different and unexpected entirely. Due to the lighting in a few interior locations, and possibly being in between automatically switching on her electronic flare in darkened areas, our heroine sports a far more tanned look than normal – it’s a glitch of sorts. We’re sure you can agree the look is interesting and poses the question about whether this is possible with all the outdoors adventuring she does. Admittedly, Siberia doesn’t sound like the most likely place to tan so readily compared to more tropical climes but it’s an interesting thought all the same. In this instance, put this down to a trick of the light and for those who feel the look suits her, ponder the possibilities. Our video shows the lighting in effect and you can see in the images below how she looks normally compared to her darkened skin tone.

dark skinned lara 2

dark skinned lara 1

Written by: Rob Cram

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