Crysis 3 shows some impressive realistic models

Forget David Cage talking about polygons into infinity and beyond, showcasing technology which aims to bring gaming characters closer to real life actors. Perhaps forget about the rather cool animations in L.A Noire that cost an arm and a leg to develop and looked pretty cool to boot that everyone seems to have forgotten about. What about the CGI imagery from the likes of Visual Works who produce some stunning looking models? Well ultimately having showcase models is all well and good without having an actual game. Sure, David Cage is set to bring a whole new level of story telling in his next game and will hopefully push the boundaries when it comes to character emotion, but what about today? Crysis 3 does a fine job with its character models at least, offering a glimmer of the future where convincing animation is married to the highly detailed textured models. Perhaps this is what Cage’s old man demo was about. Take a look at the videos and see how well Crytek has at least created highly realistic looking models – something we should see improve over time as more realistic techniques are employed.

Written by: Robert Cram

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