Crackdown 3 8K 60 FPS – Possible at Low-Medium Settings with an RTX 3090

Nvidia’s claims that the RTX 3090 can render games in 8K at 60 FPS, ring true for us in this video. We put the game Crackdown 3 through its paces with some interesting results. Looking at the graphics settings and sadly, Extreme, Ultra, High and the Medium presets are off-the-cards. Tweaking the graphics options between Low and Medium, with some even set to High allowed us to play Crackdown 3 8K 60 FPS (mostly) with some dips quite frequently into the mid-50s. With the lower graphics settings, it’s still pretty damn good looking and mighty sharp. That’s looking sharper than using native 4K with a 4K display.

Numbers aside though, you do lose a lot of the fancy effects which gives the game its character. We found the best sweet-spot for max settings and 60 fps at 4K was using a display resolution of 4K and then upping the render resolution to 150%. This makes the game look fantastic, and also a noticeable improvement over the standard 4K setting. If this game had DLSS it might be a different story though at bumping-up the visuals to their fullest and maintaining 8K resolution at the same time. For reference, using the game’s maximum settings and 8K resolution, we managed to get a constant 30-34 fps which isn’t bad.

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Written by: Rob Cram

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