Jimmy Fallon Killzone Shadow Fall demo

The Jummy Fallon show demonstrated Sony’s Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay and for those who are naysaying about the demo, proves that it is indeed real as the really bad playing highlights. However, conspiracy theorists can still wonder if the game is actually running on a PS4 as opposed to a

Watch Dogs gameplay video

Ubisoft showcased some more of their cool looking Watch Dogs at the PS4 reveal event last night. Check out OPEN WORLD GAMEPLAY PREMIERE, the latest video from Watch_Dogs. Discover in this open world gameplay video one among many ways to hack the city of Chicago as Aiden Pearce in Watch_Dogs.

PS4 reveal event showcase videos

Last night’s PS4 reveal event announcement showcase was a spectacle to behold, and in case you missed some of the action, Sony has released some of the videos from the event heralding all things PS4. Take a look and be amazed.