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Resident Evil 6 PC video review

We delve into the depths of the PC version of Resident Evil 6 and determine whether the six month wait was worthwhile and whether PC gamers have themselves the definitive version of the game. Resident Evil 6 PC review – text version Today we’re taking a look at Capcom’s Resident

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams review

I’ve reviewed a lot of games throughout the years, and while I’ve reviewed some pretty big ones, I think that Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams might be the first game I’ve reviewed that I’d call “history making.” Even if you ignore the history behind the franchise, dating as far back as

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 video review

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 is City Interactive’s second chance to prove that a modern day sniper shooting game can work as it releases Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 across consoles and PC platforms. Is the sequel an improvement over the original or more of the same. Take a look at our

Tomb Raider PC video review

With Crystal Dynamics’ reboot now out in the wild, the reception has been good thus far. With the Tomb Raider PC version coming in with its own set of extras in terms of visuals how does the game stack up. It might not be the same Tomb Raider fans will

Crysis 3 review

The tactical combat machine, Laurence Barns, though more prominently known as Prophet, is whom you will be filling the boots of in Crysis 3. Prophet may be the original Nanosuited super-soldier and has featured throughout the Crysis series, that is up until his demise in Crysis 2. It seems you