An amazing Lost Xbox One Amazon story

Looking back at our own experiences with the Xbox One launch and we can honestly say it wasn’t the perfect safe ride we’d have hoped for, and thanks to giant retailer Amazon, we’d almost given up hope on the supposed safety net of pre-ordering in advance and expecting a delivery

Xbox One games 2014 round-up

Microsoft released a list of the Xbox One games 2014 which should hopefully appease gamers hungry for new content after the initial rush of launch titles become old hat. There’s plenty to look forwards to and hopefully something for all tastes. Take a look at the list and see if

Xbox One final pre-launch verdict

With the Xbox One mere weeks away from being placed into the hands of eager gamers who want them, it has been a tentative ride since the console was officially unveiled in May. The ensuing madness has left scars, reams of misinformation, dashed prides, and a number of perplexed faces