Can the RTX 3090 Run Cyberpunk 2077/Nioh 2/Black Desert/League Of Maidens At the same time?

Here we take-up the challenge for our RTX 3090, I9 9900K, Windows 10, 16 GB RAM PC (no overclocks) and ask can the RTX 3090 run Cyberpunk 2077, Nioh 2 Complete Edition, Black Desert Online and League Of Maidens at the same time using max settings at 1080p (with ray tracing disabled in Cyberpunk 2077)? It’s Also worth noting, we are recording using Nvidia Shadowplay at the same time with a 130K bit rate at 4K! We are also outputting in 4K to our display.

The results are quite interesting as all four games generally run fine together. Using max settings it seems one game will always dip below 60 fps if not selected in Windows 10. Generally three games at least run at very respectable frame rates. It’s possible that League of Maidens is the least optimised which alongside Black Desert Online has an always online component. This might contribute to hogging some resources. Interestingly, our rig’s 16 GB of RAM comes close to maxing-out here at just over 15 GB. Perhaps then, a 32 GB system would fare better in this test. Also VRam is quite high around 15 GB out of the 3090’s massive 24 GB.

Written by: Robert Cram

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