You can earn Xbox One and Xbox 360 achievements at the same time

Some interesting news for gamers who own multiple systems and share their main Xbox Live account with siblings and friends, or like to boost their gamerscore. It’s entirely possible to earn achievements at the same time when using the Xbox One and Xbox 360 even when using the same network. We put this to the test for research purposes using NBA 2K 14 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and found that we could be logged in to Xbox Live at the same time, and independently earn achievements, of which the points were added fairly quickly to our tally. Microsoft already confirmed last year prior to the Xbox One launch that gamers could take advantage of earning double achievements across versions of the same game as each game’s achievements were independent of each other, but this takes it one step further in allowing gamers the chance to rack up scores on last and current gen systems concurrently. Take a look at the video for the full picture.

Written by: Robert Cram

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