Buy Destiny Get Destiny Free Offer

Out of the Blue Bungie has announced an exceptional deal for gamers moving from last gen to current gen systems via digital purchases. For a limited time (until Jan 15th 2015), Bungie are allowing owners of the Xbox 360, or PS3 version of Destiny to upgrade to the Xbox One or PS4 version respectively free of charge (digital purchases only). What this effectively means is players will get two versions of the game as the official faqs states that gamers can swap between the two versions if they please at leisure and retain all their progress – great if you have friends on different systems.

Sadly, those who decide to purchase the current gen versions won’t be able to downgrade to the other consoles. This is a one time offering with the onus on getting last gen gamers to step up and buy new consoles. Alternatively, gamers who were going to purchase the current gen version anyway would do well to snag the cheaper last gen version and take advantage of the free upgrade.

Written by: Robert Cram

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