Bungie Fixing Destiny Purple Engrams issue

Many gamers have wailed and complained about getting a very rare purple drop from Bungie’s online shooter Destiny after hours of playing only to have it decoded by Master Rahool the Tower’s Cryptarch and it being turned, or decoded into a lesser and most likely useless blue rare item. Well, there’s an air of randomness to the decoding process which Bungie seemed to think added extra character, but…has listened to the complaints and are now looking into the problem with a possible fix according to their latest update¬†which also now prevents the hive cave farming exploit on Earth from netting further rewards. This is good news for those wanting to call a spade a spade, in that a purple drop should equal a purple legendary rare item and nothing else, but at what cost? Could this mean rare purple items will drop less frequently as a result as there has to be some balance with what Bungie intended in the first place with the loot drops. Either way, this news will be music to many Destiny gamers ears and shows that Bungie are well in tune with the players especially as they also mentioned a possible increase in loot drops for completing activities.


Long ago during development, the Cryptarch decoded engrams of a given color into gear of that same color. Early in 2014 we added randomness, both for better and worse, to the decrypting process. The result was that end-of-session engram decoding got a lot more exciting and the Cryptarch himself suddenly acquired a personality. Both of these experiences were positive additions to the game.

But we didn’t adequately communicate the potential random outcomes of decryption. Players see what looks like the familiar metaphor of item identification, while the Cryptarch thinks he’s opening a grab bag of loot. Rage sharding of blues ensues. Expect to see changes to address this soon.




Written by: Rob Cram

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