BulletVille Trailer

A new multiplayer-parkour style combat game coming to consoles, mobile platforms and PC from Nowwa, entitled BulletVille. Check out the trailer and then sign-up for the upcoming beta.

In BulletVille, bravado runs through your blood. Think on your feet, mind your surroundings, and use your hero’s unique skills to emerge victorious and win the day—and maybe some riches!
BulletVille is a third-person, team-hero shooter & platformer inspired by arena shooters of the past, and the modern mechanics of current gen games.
BulletVille mixes the frantic shooting gameplay from games likeQuake 3 Arena; the diverse hero cast of games like Overwatch; the character progression from games like Paladins; the third person high mobility from games like Warframe and Infamous 2; the vehicle combat from games like Borderlands 2 or Battlefield; the sandbox creation freedom from games like Minecraft, and much, much more!
BulletVille is currently planned for release on PC and Mac, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and mobile (iOS, Android).

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