Blood of the Werewolf available now on Steam

Midnight City and Scientifically Proven’s Blood of the Werewolf is now available on Steam coming in with an discounted introductory price of  $7.99/£5.49 until November 4th. The game looks to inject some classic style platforming action across its 15 levels and features all the support expected from Steam such as leaderboards, achievements, trading cards etc.

About Blood of the Werewolf :

In Blood of the Werewolf, players take on the role of Selena, a loving wife and mother, who sees her husband murdered and her child abducted. In the wake of this tragedy, Selena embarks on a blood-soaked journey of revenge and salvation. Gameplay is spiced up with dynamic transformations from human to werewolf form – all dictated by the light of the moon. In human form, Selena focuses on ranged attacks, brandishing a fully upgradeable crossbow that can fire up to three arrows at once for devastating spread-shot damage. When transformed into her lupine form, melee attacks take precedent with super-charged chomp and air-stomp capabilities. Regardless of her transformation state, Selena has full, pressure-sensitive air controls, allowing for precision falls, jumps and mid-air redirects. As a werewolf, Selena can double-jump which proves instrumental in reaching new heights and evading enemy attacks. Players are reminded to keep their eyes open for hidden rooms, hard-to-reach treasures and upgrades which are sprinkled throughout the 15 rapidly intensifying levels.

Written by: Rob Cram

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