BIGSCREEN Cinema comes to VR

The developers of the social movie watching app BIGSCREEN partnered with Paramount Pictures to bring 3D movie viewing to VR headsets. Owners of most VR headsets can purchase a Bigscreen Cinema token to then watch specific 3D movies on the big screen either privately or with friends/other people. Each movie costs between $3.99 – $4.99 based on a rotation of picks throughout each period. New movies come every Friday, and the movies play every 30 minutes. For more details check out the official BigscreenVR website.

Watch 3D movies together with friends in VR

If you’ve never watched a 3D movie in VR, prepare to have your mind blown. 3D movies in VR have a layer of immersion and depth not possible with 2D movies or traditional 3D movies in a theater with glasses.

4 new movies premiere every Friday at 6PM EST, with showtimes every 30 minutes

If you miss the premiere showing, join another one! Showtimes are every 30 minutes, and movies run for 1 week before being replaced by new movies the following Friday.

If you can’t finish watching in one sitting, no problem: after you start watching, your ticket is still valid for showtimes within the next 48 hours as long as the movie is still available in Bigscreen.

Public and private screenings, cross-platform VR support

Bigscreen Cinema also has social features, enabling you to watch movies together with people. You can watch by yourself, with friends in a private screening, or meet movie fans around the world in public screenings.

Bigscreen is fully cross-platform, and available on Oculus Quest, Oculus Go**, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Valve Index, HTC Vive, all Steam VR headset, and all Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

Oculus recently dropped support for the GearVR, so please note this is not available for GearVR. Oculus Go\* currently is limited to private screenings and we’re working hard to enable public screenings on Go.)

New themed cinema environments

Our cinema environments include a a new SciFi space station environment, and our classic favorites, a Modern Cinema and a Retro Cinema. Star Trek and Interstellar will be screened in custom space station environments with special visual effects only visible to movie attendees.

Launching in 10 countries around the world

We’re launching in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, and Japan!

It took enormous effort to launch internationally, when most companies only launch in the US! This covers 90%+ of our userbase today, and we’re working on adding more countries in the future.

Tickets are $3.99 (2D movies) and $4.99 (3D movies)

Purchase tickets in advance from (prices vary by country/currency). You can also browse our upcoming lineup for the next month, which includes blockbuster hits like Interstellar, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Terminator 2, Top Gun 3D, and more!

You can download Bigscreen for free from the Oculus Store and Steam.

We hope you enjoy Bigscreen Cinema. Our team of 10 devs have been working incredibly hard over the past several years to bring you this feature.

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