Bierzerkers Trailer for Early Access

Shield Break Studios released a new trailer for their action packed Viking themed Bierzerkers which is heading to Early Access on July 9th 2015 and should provide some interesting moments for those who like team based online melee combat. Take a look at the trailer and then head on over to the official website for more details.




About Bierzerkers:

The Vikings were Right:

Bierzerkers is a team-based, multiplayer melee combat game that will get you reaching for the closest horned helmet. While easy to pick up and play, Bierzerkers accommodates those ruthless souls willing to fight their way to the top and offers a high skill cap as well. Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their sheep!

Key Features:

  • Team-based, online melee combat game with fast, arcade-style gameplay
  • Battle with a variety of character classes with unique abilities
  • Unlock a variety of rewards through character progression to customise your warriors
  • Easy to jump in and play, but provides a high skill cap for experienced players
  • Vast mythical environments full of colour and majesty
  • Built in Unreal Engine 4 game engine
  • Join Early Access to participate in development and impact the future of the game

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