Beyond a Steel Sky Coming in 2019

Revolution Software plan to release a sequel to their dystopian themed sci-fi adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. Coming in 2019 on consoles and Apple devices, Beyond a Steel Sky continues the saga in a sandbox world.

Key features:

-A unique, rich game experience in a bounded sandbox world, interwoven with a deep narrative.

-A story that enables players to profoundly affect and subvert the game world and its characters.

-Elegantly simple, intuitive controls that allow complex situations to emerge, offering a gameplay experience that will appeal to the novice as well as the experienced gamer.

-Custom-written cutting-edge graphics technology delivers a beautiful, realtime, comic-book-styled world in HDR & 4K to complement the artwork of Dave Gibbons.

-Original comic book vignette to be created by Dave Gibbons.

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