Beat The Game 4K Gameplay

Take a look at some Beat The Game gameplay from developers Worm. This is an interesting looking adventure game where you collect sounds and then mix them together to create a unique gaming soundtrack. Coming to Steam in 2017.

Beat the Game offers a neat take on exploration and music especially with its fantastic surreal visuals and ease of play. The idea is simple, find sounds with your scanner or by collecting items which includes being given sounds from various characters to progress the story. You can then use the mixer to make your own composition from the sounds and loops you’ve collected. Whilst it’s not a fully fledged music creation tool, the idea that it’s part of a game is very cool indeed. It has to be said, no music ability is really needed as you can mix sounds together that you feel is right. Sadly the 15 minute demo gives just enough time to grab most of the sounds but not enough to advance the story, so we’ll have to wait until the full game releases. That said, this is worth keeping an eye on for something alternative this year.

Written by: Robert Cram

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