Batman Arkham Knight 3D Videos Look Great

Despite the PC version of Rocksteady Studios Batman Arkham Knight being plagued with problems for many users, when it does work it’s a fantastic game on PC even though the differences between the consoles versions aren’t that great even in light of some exclusive Nvidia Gameworks special effects. However, there’s one thing consoles can’t manage and that’s running the game in 3D which for those who own 3D enabled displays is a chance to bring supported games to life. In this instance Gotham feels more vibrant in 3D and being able to run the game fluidly is perhaps a luxury for now. Either way if your 3D glasses have been relegated to a draw maybe you should whip them out and take a look at these Batman Arkham Knight 3D videos. Unfortunately there’s a bit of ghosting on the character showcase videos but the gameplay video looks great using the Tridef 3D program.


As always we’ve posted the videos on Youtube for those who don’t want to download the large source files which we’ve included the links for below.

Written by: Robert Cram

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