Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X review

Flying games seem to come in a variety of forms but are less in number than the more ground based shooters. We’ve had plenty of first person shooters, and third person action games, but it seems aerial combat is an area that appeals more to a specific gaming demographic. You

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard review

Matt Hazard appeared during the 8 bit days as an iconic no-nonsense wise cracking hero…or so they say. Pretty typical considering most games feature either the sassy buxom female lead or the muscle bound male who could crack walnuts with his biceps. Since his arrival in 1989 we’ve had a

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand review

I was a little tentative when the task of reviewing 50 Cent Blood on the Sand reared its head, not because I’d heard stories of a very poor previous game, and not because I’m not a fan of the hip-hop star, but more to the fact that being a game

Street Fighter IV review

After years of waiting for a new Street Fighter game, fans of the long running series can now grab the gloves, controllers and arcade sticks as the home conversion of the popular arcade game is now available. Players can duke it out with friends and family once more, huddle around

X-Blades review

X-Blades is the latest from SouthPeak Games and features the sassy but tenacious relic hunter Ayumi, as she quests for all things shiny and mysterious. She’s not quite Lara Croft, but in her own way shares a similar desire for adventure and exploration. Armed with her trusty gunblades and the

FEAR 2: Project Origin review

When FEAR launched on Xbox 360 several years ago, it was met with mixed reactions as it basked in the shadow of its PC older brother. Then the subsequent FEAR Files was released as a separate entity for the series, which shared the game’s namesake, but offered a series of

Afro Samurai review

Afro Samurai started out as a manga (Japanese comic) created by Takashi Okazaki. It was later then made into a short animated series and then onto a full blown animated TV show. Japanese storytellers and artists come up with many crazy ideas, but the unique features of Afro Samurai is