Prince of Persia review

Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia has been re-envisioned for this generation of consoles. Gone are the time mechanics from the last game Sands of Time, being replaced with a more traditional platforming adventure game. Prince of Persia tells a love story between an unlikely hero and an even more unusual companion,

Tomb Raider Underworld review

Lara Croft has enjoyed relative success on the Xbox 360 platform, what with the impressive Tomb Raider: Legend making an appearance, and the more recent Tomb Raider: Anniversary provoking our minds with seamless fusing of taxing puzzles, energetic combat and skimpy outfits. Crystal Dynamix (the developers) under the watchful eye

Sonic Unleashed review

I would rate myself as quite a mellow, mild mannered person, which in gaming terms means I usually take things in my stride. I’m a firm believer of learning to get better if I can’t accomplish the tasks games provide for me, and so I would say that patience is

Rise of the Argonauts review

I have fond memories of the classic 1963 Jason and the Argonauts movie directed by Don Chaffey. For many years, it seemed like perfect Boxing Day, Bank Holiday fodder for afternoon television viewing. Codemasters alongside developers Liquid Entertainment, has brought the movie to life in Rise of the Argonauts which

Naruto: The Broken Bond review

Everyone’s favourite spiky haired, loud-mouthed ninja is back, in Naruto: The Broken Bond. Picking up from when the last game Naruto: Rise of a Ninja (RoaN) left off, the fate of Naruto, Sasuke and friends, and the Hidden Leaf Village is laid bare before you as the game begins with

Mirror’s Edge review

When the first images of Mirror’s Edge were presented to us, I was intrigued by the art direction and very interested in the game’s premise. You are Faith, a runner in a modern, yet futuristic city where an oppressive regime monitors all electronic activity. To send mail securely the runners

Quantum of Solace review

James Bond has returned although for Xbox 360 owners, this will be the first and no doubt not the last Bond game for the system. The game is based around the just released movie of the same name Quantum of Solace, although having played the entire game now, there’s a