Buku Sudoku review

Buku Sudoku appears to be a popular brain teaser at the moment, and as an exercise in logical thinking rather than mathematics, it certainly has widespread appeal dispite its appearance. Expectedly, a game of the game has been made and allows, those people looking to test their brains via the

Bayonetta review

Action games have come thick and fast this year on Xbox 360, and with more coming in the next few months, gamers have some choices to make especially if you’re the sort to not rush out and buy the games as soon as they are released. Cue Sega’s Bayonetta a

Interpol review

Take on the role of an Interpol agent as the organization against International criminals aims to nab the fiendish Dr. Chaos and his cohorts. The game cost 800 points and offers single and co-op play on and offline. Gameplay: The gameplay can be summed up pretty easily. You travel to

Meet the Robinsons review

Meet the Robinsons is based on the Disney animated movie of the same name and features the young Wilbur as he battles the dastardly Bowler Hat man, lots of ants and plenty of puzzling moments thrown in for good measure. The game features elements from the movie but is an

Fable II Pub Games

Fable II Pub Games is a unique addition to the XBLA, in that it’s the first game that will actually tie in with a full game (Fable II). With three different mini games available for your 800 points – or free if you’ve entered into a pre-order deal; any gold

Rogue Warrior review

Bethesda have been pretty stealthy with the game they are publishing for Rebellion, not only have we not seen any pre-release gameplay footage but post release things have gone a tad quiet for a game which features the vocal talents of Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke (Sin City, The Wrestler and

The Saboteur review

We’ve had a number of open world games this year, and we’ve also had a number of World War II inspired offerings as well, but not one that combines the two. Perhaps developer Pandemic seized the opportunity to cater to fans of both and offer them an all encompassing WWII