Borderlands review

Borderlands is set in the fictitious wastelands of a ravaged planet (Pandora) filled with wild creatures and gangs of thugs looking for a fight. It’s a lawless place and one where people do what they can to survive. There’s a myth that a place exists on the planet called ‘the

Magnacarta 2 review

Magna Carta 2 follows the story of Juto a boy suffering from memory loss in a world at civil war as the Southern and Northern forces vie for supremacy of the lands. Following the supposed death of his friend, Juto vows to seek revenge and learn the truth behind his

Halo 3: ODST review

Halo 3 was and still is a huge hit for Microsoft and Bungie when it launched, and whilst maybe attracting its fair share of cynics, proved that even after two previous games there was still lots of life left in the series which started on Xbox and has proven to

WET review

There’s something about slow motion that tickles the fancy when playing video games or watching movies that’s hard to nail why it feels just right despite the fact that it’s used extensively in both mediums, yet never gets old. There’s too many instances to mention here in gaming which have

Mini Ninjas review

IO Interactive are better known for their Hitman series of games and more recently, Kane and Lynch and so it comes as a bit of a surprise to see that they’ve embarked on a third person action game which ditches the gritty realism of said games and goes straight for

Batman Arkham Asylum review

It’s been a while since Batman has graced a video games console and so it comes as welcome entertainment to finally be able to put the caped crusader through his paces on current generation hardware. Although If we’re to be one hundred percent accurate then this will in fact be

Ninja Gaiden II review

Ninja Gaiden was one of the best action games on Xbox, and cemented the developers, Team Ninja as an outfit who not only could capture our imaginations with the lovely and buxom Dead or Alive girls, but also provide us with some serious gaming moments. For the casual player, Ninja