Shenmue 3 Stretch Goals Trailer

Yu Suzuki and the team released a new Shenmue 3 Stretch Goals trailer which shows off some more of the game in development and what extras can be achieved with more funding from the community what with 17 more days of the campaign left to go. For more details about

F1 2015 Teaser Trailer

F1 2015 is launching on July 21st on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and looks to be the finest to date as maintains the full worldwide circuit and racers from the current season. Take a look at the trailer and then head on over to the official blog to keep

The Town Of Light 30s trailer, is an indie developer based in Florence, Italy who has announced today their first game The Town Of Light which is a first person psychological thriller set within the spooky confines of psychiatric asylum. Players assume the role of character Renee who returns to the asylum to discover the

We Happy Few Successfully Funded Via KIckstarter

Compulsion Games has today announced that its forthcoming surreal game We Happy Few has been successfully funded via its Kickstarter campaign amassing some $263,000 of its $250,000 target with four days left on the clock. There’s still opportunity for some of the stretch goals to be reached, so what are