Red Awakening 80s themed Kickstarter Trailer

Domino Effect has just launched their $100,000 Kickstarter campaign for their visceral first person stealth based shooter Red Awakening. You can check out an 80s themed tongue in cheek trailer before heading on over to their campaign page for more details. You can also visit the official website for further

The Intergalactic Trashman Kickstarter Trailer

Spanish developers Glovecat Studio are poised and ready to launch their Kickstarter campaign for the rather cool looking 2D action adventure game The Intergalactic Trashman which is already coming along nicely. To mark the forthcoming occasion they released a new trailer to whet the appetite for the colourful adventures of

Alan Wake 2 Footage Released

Remedy pitched the idea for Alan Wake 2 to Microsoft apparently and as you would expect and yet the game never materialized as effort shifted onto Quantum Break. Perhaps it was the less than stellar sales of the first game not providing enough encouragement for the powers that be. Either

Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Stills

EA released a selection of official stills from the recently released Star Wars Battlefront Trailer. The images look great from the in-engine produced trailer although many are crying out for actual gameplay which usually differs from cutscene quality imagery. Either way, the reveal has got tongues wagging and there’s no