Late Shift Review

“Choose your own adventure” books were a staple among my friends and I growing up. It took us from passive observers to taking charge of whatever quest filled the pages in our hands before home consoles were the great escape to another world. This style of entertainment transitioned into the

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Review

Remastered games have taken the current generation of consoles by storm by allowing players to revisit those fond memories of yesteryear. Personally, I love it when publishers bring back a blast from the past while adding a fresh coat of paint, but sometimes they were better off as memories. Bethesda

140 Review

Occasionally a game comes along that intrigues the player by its design alone and keeps them pushing forward despite it lacking what so many other games offer. Jeppe Carlsen, who helped with the smash hit Limbo, developed 140 with the hopes to capture the core essence of platform gaming while

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

Even as an adult I still hold an affection for everything Lego and how these little building blocks continue to feed the imaginations of people worldwide. When Lego started transitioning their games with licensed properties like Harry Potter and Star Wars, a whole new way to play video games and

Cel Damage HD Review

The videogame industry seems to be following the movie industry where less and less original ideas are being brought to the table and instead relying on remakes or sequels of popular titles. That is not always a bad thing as we’ve seen some great remakes and remastered titles come to

Trials of the Blood Dragon Review

Crossovers have long played a part in video games and have peaked the interest of gamers who may have overlooked a title if their favorite character hadn’t been a part of the supporting cast. Fighting games like Killer Instinct putting the Arbiter as a playable character or Mortal Kombat and

Mystery Castle Review

The days of pick up and play games on the console seem to be long gone and the smart phone has reigned supreme in entertaining the masses with those glorious time wasters when you’ve got 10-20 minutes to blow. Sometimes those mini-gaming sessions turn into hours because of the addictive

Telsagrad Review

Platformers have been around since the start of console gaming and players have had a plethora of games to choose from with each generation. It is a shame that some developers have their games buried in an overcrowded marketplace leaving it up to the masses to sift through all the

Fortified Review

B-movies changed Hollywood back in the 1950s and have slowly evolved over the years, but have always stayed true to the over-the-top acting and non-stop action & thrills the genre has been known for. Video games have incorporated the B-movie feel over the years producing some cult classics like “Deadly