AuraVisor VR Kickstarter Campaign Launches – Connects to Consoles and PC

Developer James Talbot has today kicked off the Kickstarter campaign for the AuraVisor VR head mounted display device which claims to be the world’s first device that is standalone and doesn’t require connection to a computer or smartphone thanks to an in built quad core system. What’s neat about this is the fact it converts 2D content to Real 3D and can allow games consoles and such like to be plugged in via HDMI if desired (we assume offering a large virtual screen display for playing – much like the Xbox One support for Oculus Rift). For more info head on over to the official site or make a pledge on the kickstarter page and snag one for £141 which is over half the price of the full version that will ship in 2016.

EDIT: In 24 hours over half of the £100,000 Kickstarter goal has been reached so if you’re after the heavily discounted version then act fast as they are going fast.

Key Facts

· All in One Virtual Reality System – no computer or smartphone necessary.
· Connects to computer or games console if looking to expand opportunities.
· No cables
· Large amount of content already available and growing daily. Download new games and apps via the built in App Store.
· Developer Kit available.
· The AuraVisor is fully tested and production ready.
· Supports content from Game Engines such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and Cryengine.
· Audio is delivered via either the line out port or Bluetooth.
· Focus adjust and adjustable optical lenses allow you to set up the viewing of your AuraVisor exactly to your own requirements.
· Ships with its own game controller.

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