Armored Core: Verdict Day screenshots

Namco Bandai released some new screenshots from its forthcoming mech shooter, Armored Core: Verdict Day which is heading to Xbox and PS3.

Armored Core Verdict Day_bmUploads_2013-06-11_3313_07_ACVD

Armored Core Verdict Day_bmUploads_2013-06-11_3314_10_ACVD

Armored Core Verdict Day_bmUploads_2013-06-11_3315_11_ACVD

Armored Core Verdict Day_bmUploads_2013-06-11_3316_13_ACVD

Armored Core Verdict Day_bmUploads_2013-06-11_3317_19_ACVD

Written by: Robert Cram

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