Aquanox Deep Descent – Release Trailer

Digital Arrow/THQ Nordic’s Aquanox Deep Descent is available now for PC via Steam. Take a watery look at the trailer.

Aquanox Deep Descent is a first person underwater vehicle shooter, in which players control a variety of customizable ships to engage in fierce battles in the dystopian deep sea world of Aqua. Take control of a team of highly trained fighter pilots and experience an epic story deep below the surface of the sea. You can play through the game solo or invite up to three friends to explore the deepest corners of the oceans together – mysterious, hazardous, uncharted.


  • Fight: Unique underwater vehicle combat with a wide variety of play styles
  • Co-op: 4 player drop-in co-op, with four distinct pilots who are all involved in the game story
  • Customize: Choose your ship, and upgrade it to fit your preferred playing style
  • Explore: Explore, salvage, and loot – all while discovering the deepest corners of the ocean
  • PVP: Classic multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch Dogfighting

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