Anthem Character Animations Are Much Better than Mass Effect Andromeda’s

Stating the obvious a bit here, but it’s official. The Anthem character animations are much better than Mass Effect Andromeda’s. Cast your minds back to March 2017 when Mass Effect Andromeda released. Bioware caught a ton of flak over its poorly implemented character facial animations when it launched. Over its opening period a patch released to improve the situation. At the time, “my face is tired” memes and a ton of negative press ensued.

Thankfully two years on from that it appears Bioware doesn’t want to be caught in the same dark place again. Anthem just released which clearly boasts a much better effort with its character animations. In fact, this time round the animations overall impress, filled with neat touches such as precise finger movements (if you pay attention) and quirky exaggerated movements. This is no doubt a measure to move away from the wooden characters of the past. Take a look at the following Anthem character animations video to get a taste of what to expect, although one of the pre-rendered cutscenes drops its frame rate pretty severely. A shame because the in-engine scenes are of a high quality.

Written by: Rob Cram

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