AMD Catalyst Omega driver available now

AMD has just released their latest drivers and CCC software for those with AMD style graphics cards which is said to add some hefty improvements among some 20 other features putting them on an even keel so to speak with Nvidia. The AMD Catalyst Omega driver can be downloaded from the official website from today despite an early reveal  last week which was promptly removed. See the full details of the release below.



The AMD Catalyst™ software suite is engineered to unlock new capabilities in AMD APUs and AMD Radeon™ GPUs based on GCN architecture. Download the latest update, the AMD Catalyst™ Omega driver, for enhanced performance, reliability, and energy efficiency – with no extra cost:


  • Early buyers of an AMD Radeon R9 290X who download and install AMD Catalyst Omega today can realize up to 19% faster gameplay with Civilization: Beyond Earth™1
  • Users of AMD’s advanced APUs like the A10 7850K can achieve up to 29% faster gaming performance with Batman: Arkham Origins™2

AMD’s most feature-rich driver update

The AMD Catalyst™ Omega driver extracts the true potential of GCN architecture-enabled AMD APUs and GPUs with over 20 new software features for existing hardware

  • Maximize the use of your Ultra HD monitors and Picture-Perfect UltraHD technology
  • Built-in UltraHD upsampling with frame rate conversion and HD detail enhancement that will convert 1080p videos to near-UltraHD quality on 4K displays
  • Pixel-by-pixel image processing with compression artifact removal 2, VAAPI decode, and frame rate conversion for Blu-ray playback
  • Developer enhancements:
    • OpenCL™ 2.0 support to extend app content reach and functionality based on industry standards
    • TressFX 3.0 for rendering hair or fur onto “skinned” geometries

This is just the beginning

The AMD Catalyst™ Omega driver underwent approximately 65% more automated and 12% more manual test-cases, utilizing 10% more varied system configurations, with 10% more varied screen displays, as well as significant quality enhancements requested during an open call by our most critical users on six of the largest PC communities – all to ensure a user experience as intuitive, reliable, and enjoyable as possible.3


1. Intel Core i7 4690X with 16GB DDR3-1866, AMD Radeon™ R9 290X Windows 8.1 64bit comparing launch driver 13.12 vs Driver 14.501. All tests run at 3840×2160. Civilization BE @ quality=medium mantle=off scored 46.17 vs 63.63 fps.
2. AMD A10 7850K with R7 graphics, 2x4GB DDR3 2400, Windows 8.1 64bit comparing Catalyst 14.2 vs Driver 14.50. In Batman Arkham Origins @ 1080P, PHYSX=off GEOMETRYDETAIL=normal DYNAMICSHADOWS=normal MOTIONBLUR=off DOF=normal DISTORTION=off LENSFLARES=off LIGHTSHAFTS=off REFLECTIONS=off AO=normal we see an uplift from 34.96 fps to 45.2 fps.
3. Compared to prior driver launches.

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