Amazon offering PS4 bundle upgrades

Amazon UK are sending out emails to customers who pre-ordered the PS4 console, and are offering first choice on the PS4 bundles which weren’t available when initial pre-orders were taken.  The basis of the offer is focused around the date in which the original customer pre-order was made, rather than a first come first serve policy.  So, if you were one of the early pre-order adopters for the PS4 then expect to receive an email offering you the chance to upgrade. Amazon also stated that gamers will get an option for their consoles to be delivered on day one – although it’s not clear weather this is guaranteed or still part of their original free day one delivery promotion.


All customers who pre-ordered the console up to and including 6 August will be given an option to get a console for release day delivery. Customers who pre-ordered from 7 August may receive their consoles after release date, but will get them before Christmas. The estimated delivery date for your order will be displayed in Your Orders as soon as it’s available.

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